“Throughout my years of painting, capturing the pure essence of a subject has always provided a passion for me.

My life is my canvas and I am empowered by Pastels, Acrylics and Oils as my mediums in the process of that capture.

I draw with Pastels for their luscious textural qualities and their freedom to express emotion. The quality of the pigment allows for a longevity that can be appreciated for years to come.

I paint in Acrylics and Oils to enjoy the slow building of layers and textures, on large canvases, inspiring me to construct scenes that come alive.

Having long felt a connection to the earth and the ocean it is no surprise that most of my work is inspired by landscapes and seascapes.

I paint forests where I have meandered through the dense undergrowth, with the breeze whispering amongst the tree tops; and I paint oceans for their ever-changing colours, wave formations and tidal flows, and the beautiful cloud formations overhead.

With a camera or a sketchpad always within reach, I am able to capture distinctive locations and scenes; each one an opportunity to create that special moment in another piece of work, at another time, in the peaceful atmosphere of my studio.

My art has been shown in exhibitions in Perth and regional locations within Western Australia, and I have been fortunate to have sold both commissioned and non-commissioned works within Australia and overseas.”


Recently after spending time in Japan, I became fascinated with the Geisha transversing across the City of Kyoto. This has led to an ongoing series of paintings, capturing their intricate hair, headdress and Kimonos.


Please contact me for any questions you may have in regard to my artwork.



PH: 040792245




JUNIPER GALLERIES; 'Facets Exhibition" February 2023

GOLDEN HOUR EXHIBITION' with Juniper Galleries 2022

JUNIPER GALLERIES: 'Love Notes Exhibition' 

WA Society of Arts, 2021  2022, 2023

Pastel Society of WA 2021, 2022, 2023

SubiArtCo 2021

SubiArtco "Desirables" exhibition 2019

Pastel Society of WA 2019

West Australian Society of Arts 2019

SubiArtco "Drawn To the River" at Point Fraser 2018

Pastel Society of WA Exhibition 2018

SubiArtco at Hamptons 2018

Pastel Society Mothers Day unframed exhibition 2018

SubiArtCo 2017

Pastel Society of WA 2017

Essence, Kidogo Art House, Fremantle, WA

Pastel Society of WA

Parmelia House, Perth, WA

Moores Building, Fremantle, WA

Interactive Arts, Perth WA

Open Exhibitions

Perth College, 2022, 2023

Army Art, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023

Perth College, 2021

Army Art

Beverley Art Show


Army Art Exhibition, WA


Pigments of Your Imagination, Perth, WA

Perth Royal Agricultural Show, WA

Army Art Exhibition, WA


“Essence of Nature”, Dwellingup, WA


Pigments of Your Imagination, Perth, WA

Art in the Valley, Swan Valley, WA


Fremantle Heritage Festival, WA

St Hilda’s Art Fair, Perth, WA

Fremantle Arts Festival, WA

Solo Exhibitions

2014    Windows Winery, Margaret River, WA

2013    Zin Zan Art Gallery, Dunsborough, WA

2012  Next Generation Kings Park, Perth,


City of Stirling Art awards Finalist 2021

City of Melville Art Awards Finalist 2021

Highly commended award, West Australian Society of Arts Exhibition 2020

Peoples Choice Award, Pastel Society of WA  Exhibition 2017












Juniper Galleries                        

SubiArtCo Gallery

Millbrook Gallery

Nu.Arts Gallery Pinjarra




Art Society Memberships

Pastel society of Western Australia

The Western Australian Society of Arts